Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Snippets of Wealth 2

Friday 20th April 2018 - Lancelot Clark Storth (bottom end) 1500hrs to 1700hrs

Did a check out of returning Warblers etc in the bottom end (West side) of Lancelot Clark Storth. It was a lovely pleasant late afternoon walk with lots of sunshine but still had the SW breeze which was welcome. I counted 2 Chiffchaff back (out of the usual 3) and 8 Willow Warbler back which is about right and 2 Blackcap (again the norm) but a lovely surprise with a new Common Whitethroat.  Also lots of Peacock butterflies and again to my surprise a early Comma butterfly.  Also checked out the rare Birds Foot Sedge (carex ornithopodia) which is coming through well and already the sedge flower is showing on some of the specimens. 

Comma butterfly (taken on phone)

Birds Foot Sedge (taken on phone)

Thursday 19th April 2018 - Holme Stinted Pastures, Holme Park Fell, Farleton Fell, Hutton Roof Common, Burton Fell, Lancelot Clark Storth 1000hrs to 1600hrs

Holme Stinted Pastures

What a fabulous day, which all started with Alec sending me a mail to say that two Redstarts had appeared near Dalton Hamlet yesterday and since then the floodgates seemed to have opened up!
Still nothing whatsoever, yesterday and again today on the visible migration front, can't believe I am not seeing any Swallows going through.  Anyway back to today found several nice shoots of Early Purple Orchid coming through right at the side of the road. Entering the Stints the same Chiffchaff was calling yet again from almost opposite Rowley Copse, presumed now on territory. Had four Willow Warblers calling throughout and what a beautiful sound they made - been waiting in earnest for six months to hear their delicate crescendo's. Looking over the fence into the bullrush pond and could see tadpoles at about 1" swimming about, so obviously the conquered the frost OK. I was tredding with each step over "sparkling dew" which had attached itself to what looked like every blade of grass and shone like miniature jewels in the sunshine. Mezereone is beautiful yet again, and a different shade of green altogether from anything else I can think of in comparison! South West breeze again today (blowing at times to 8mph) but so welcome today in this heat (20 degrees at a guess). Pair of noisy screeching Jays thinking to themselves that I can't see them and trying to be as elusive as possible. Rabbits running for cover all over the place.

Holme Park Fell             "FOUR WEE-TEARS TO MY EYES WITH JOY"

Great to see a female "Little bit of bread and no cheese" (Yellowhammer), on top of the larger tree above the Gorse, a regular place where I have recorded Yellowhammers in recent days. Another four Willow Warblers and one Chiffchaff and two Peacock butterflies has I walked up the incline to the LH side of the Fell below the escarpment. A fantastic sight to see four grouped Greenland Wheatears - my first of the year and probably they are itching to go! go where? Greenland of course, or maybe Iceland or maybe the Pharaoh Islands, but go they will! Do you think they will they be here again tomorrow, I doubt that very much.  Further on and a stop for lunch whilst sat comfortably high and looking down over the M6, which conveyed never ending lines which could so easily remind you of ants going one way whilst others came the other way.

"To take the pleasure of Willows song, 
to lighten the silence of six months rest,
whilst Crow and Buzzard jostle the sky,
and Bumblebees larger than life!
Four wee-tears to my eyes with joy,
Get ready Greenland your boys are on their way
Raven comes closer and closer "cronking" away.

Sides of Holme Park Fell (Click to enlarge)

Farleton Fell

"Turtle Stone" (Click over to enlarge)

Five separate Willow Warblers singing from a couple of areas on the Farleton side, also nice to see a male Stonechat regularly hopping from the boundary wall on to the path and back up on to the wall. 

"To see all these Willow Warblers
Who could stage such a perfect show!
Sat here peaceful with just the Warblers voice,
From three places at once he calls,
and yesterday was silent! today delight,
A confusion has landed in the night,
The sun is good with little breeze,
And all in all makes a special day"

Hutton Roof Common

Its now about 1400hrs and there seems to be Willow Warblers calling from everywhere in fact fifteen I counted and one poor lonely Chiffchaff, I checked out some old Polypody which looked different, took some photos for Alec to check out!

Burton Fell

Ten more Willow Warblers all singing happily away (thats 38 Willows so far today) and thats just on the route I am taking, there will probably be hundreds throughout Hutton Roof!  What the ek!  just in front of me a Tree Pipit sits at the top of a tall tree and to make it even better decided to climb to a great height and then parachute to a lower tree with beautiful first of the year for me "tree pipit" song.

Lancelot Clark Storth

One Chiffchaff in song (usually had three by now - so so late..) but great to hear my first Blackcap of the year.

Off Slape Lane (Woodland)

Carpetted with Wood Anemone, and several of the Bluebells are now in full flower.

Other Stuff

Robert from Kendal sent his Hutton Roof reports through for today and he has had 3 Tree Pipits singing away in Dalton Crags, also 2 Blackcaps singing at Plain Quarry, a Swallow passing through, large influx of Willow Warblers but no Chiffchaffs today.  Also had Redpoll, Linnet, Siskin and Peacock Butterflies.

On Farleton (click over to enlarge)

Wednesday 18th April 2018 - Holme Stinted Pastures and Holme Park Fell 1400hrs

Two beautiful Peacock butterflies were jostling with one another and I couldn't make out whether it was love or war, but took the first option on board, they would spiral high in a almost vertical fashion like you see the single Skylark, then on reaching perhaps 40ft would tumble down together until at 10ft from the ground they would alter course, both simultaneously. I counted 7 new fresh in Willow Warblers, all happy singing away. Not sure at the moment whether any were on territory or just passing through, the next few days should give the answer to that. One Chiffchaff calling just opposite Rowley Copse. Yaffler in the distance, but how can it get better than hearing one of the Song Thrush actually doing a "Yaffle" which was certainly a first for me! Good on yur - Song Thrush! 
Great to see Dog Violets sprouting up all over the place.  The Mezereone has gone well green now and what a beauty it still looks but from another perspective. Wild Strawberries everywhere (still in flower of course). I almost forgot to mention whilst on my way back I am sure I had a Wood Warbler calling from Rowley Copse, it did all the spinning coin sound at repeated intervals of every 30 seconds or so but just missing the two large notes which sometimes accompany the spinning coin, but everything habitat wise looked right. 

Monday 16th April 2018 - Dalton Crags 0900hrs

A welly day splodging and embedding deep footprints and because of the heavy rains lots of worms had surfaced and where crossing over their own little mountainous terrains.  Willow's back! I could just about hear her above this strong Westerley wind which was amplifying all the sounds coming from that direction, even the local yafflers sounded quite a lot louder this morning, and the "hi-haw" from the Virgin Pentaligo passing Holme.
By now in past years most of the Chiffchaff and Willows would have returned together with Blackcap but obviously this year is far different with very few having arrived as yet and the count is dismal.  The Throstle choirs were going for it and competing with song - I did try but they were just too fast, but what about this then: (Song Thrush snatching), Peeu,peeu,peeu, peeu, tis lou-whit, tis lou-whit, tis lou-whit, wee-you, wee you, wee you, hou-wit, hou-wit, hou-wit, peeu, peeu, peeu, chi chi chit, chi chi chit, chi chi chit, yupee, yupee,yupee - and that's about half of what really went on because I could not write it down fast enough.  Other than these main players I did have a really low Buzzard showing behaviour of quartering and faint songs from a super high "sky" lark. Blue moor grass everywhere (and beautiful)

Thursday 12th April 2018 - Vicarage Lane and Dickin Lane 1400hrs

Herb Paris starting to show (Click over to enlarge)

At least 50 Herb Paris starting to show. Also had some of last years Black Spleenwort still showing green although most of it around was starting to show brown especially on the tips.  Thinking about it this particular frond is what you would truly call a "evergreen".

This last years Black Spleenwort can safely be called a "evergreen"

Just for good measure wanted to take a photo of just down Dickin Lane which always looks mystical to me especially with all the moss cover etc. Also a new in Chiffchaff singing at the bottom of Dickin Lane.

Dicken Lane near Dalton hamlet (Click over to enlarge)

Wednesday 11th April 2018 - Dalton Crags (lower only) 1000hrs

A Chiffchaff returned and subdued singing near to Plain Quarry (report from Robert Ashworth).  I had a pair of Brambling just at the viewpoint/clearing area at the top of the lower Crags. Very late and would expect them to be away anytime now. Local yafflers giving it plenty.

Tuesday 10th April 2018 - Dalton, Holme Stinted Pastures, Holme Park Fell etc - various times

(Mon 10th April 2018) It was ghostly "misty" all around for the first hour, but enjoying the atmosphere whilst walking through Holme Stinted and at the same time listening to my first Willow Warbler of the year and not far away the sweet calling of the Goldcrest just made the day even more special. Entering Holme Park Fell a pair of Bullfinch were chasing one another around the gorse and would occasionally make their low "peeu" calls.  Further up on the fell I had a new pair of Wheatear which must have come in recently (probably last night), I love the plumage variations between these Wheatears, everyone shows their own individual look and so different from the others. As usual Skylarks everywhere and the occasional Meadow Pipit with one actually with a stalk of grass in its bill. 

Later that morning whilst on our way through Cowan Bridge had a pair of Swallows on the telegraph wires.  And the day gets better, I received a phone call to say that a House Martin was seen building its nest back on the outbuildings to Dalton Hall, I think that for me must be the earliest!

"For windswept bows towards the East,
While cruel over sea and land rose the beast,
Larks singing, Wheatear chase to their base,
Hollies and Haws interspersed the fathomed grey,
Their blood in winter drips from those prickly ones,
Tables eractic of crumbling grey sweeting your delight,
Warm to the back and now it all begins with
Songs and angels everywhere"

(Sun 9th April 2018) Walking through Holme Stinted Pastures had the usual two Song Thrushes to my either side still competing their repertoire with odd special delights of the regular "descending" part calls of the yet to come Tree Pipits. Then moving on and climbing up the side of Holme Park Fell I had a lonesome Curlew calling from high whilst it moved from North East to South West. I wondered if this had been a disturbed breeder and returning to the coast or what other story could it have told us! Buzzards high and soaring, Yafflers sounding off and lovely to see the beautiful Blue Moor grass starting to come through. 

(Thr 5th April 2018) Whilst walking towards Dalton Hamlet a "Charm" of Goldfinches passed overhead in hurried expression from my left to right. They have overwintered in nearby quarters. Song Thrushes were singing and demanding attention whilst they demonstrated their versatility of song with odd mimics of other birds they must have crossed paths with. A calling Chiffchaff from the bottom of Lancelot helped to make my day. 

Tuesday 3rd April 2018 - Dalton Crags 0900hrs

And yes it is still rainng (on and off), but today I noticed it was a lot warmer especially with not having that chilling wind biting through!

I had little in the way of actual migration - just one Meadow Pipit over one and a half hours and the only way I noticed that was that my faithful watch out saw it first and went on the chase to escort it out of his own established territory!

Watching made me think about it, it's what I suppose could be called "lazy birding" just position yourself very close (100 yards or so) from a already territorial established pair of Mipits and they will do all the work for you. Example any approaching Meadow Pipits will be early spotted by the already established pair and the male will climb up quickly and readily escort the bird or birds through its territory for some 50 yards or more! you notice the commotion and hey presto, your count is made!

Seriously it was so quiet but did have the Thrushes high on song! both Song and Mistles and also a yaffling woodpecker and that was about it!

These are my pair of Swans I have tucked away on Hutton Roof. The one at the front is asleep whilst the one at the back is preening itself.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

A warm up with SPECIAL EARLY PURPLE ORCHIDS from years past....

Sorry about the quality of photo but here we have some of my Early Purple Orchid photos which were taken on Hutton Roof and from within a area of  approx 50 linear yards x 20 yards wide and would you believe approx 50 yards only from the main Epipactis hybrid and variant arena.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Snippets of Wealth

Good Friday March 30th 2018 - Farleton, Holme Park Fell and Holme Stinted Pastures (1430hrs to 1630hrs  - First Wheatear

Had my first Wheatear at a very regular place on Farleton side. Absolutely stunning colours (male). Could not find anymore.  The skies were absolutely quiet with NOTHING except a few crows here and there. The conditions looked perfect to me for migration with little wind and clear but we had no takers throughout the watch period (mobile) not one single Mipit!

A rather special tree, wouldn't you agree! (Holme Park Fell 29th March 2018)

I just couldn't help but wonder just how this very special tree got here and for such beauty to have been able to prise itself through the cold grey rocky floor, to show off its magnificence which oozed out with what seemed perfect proportion in every way and from any angle you chose to look at it, whilst all around it it's very clan show windswept disorder!

Thursday March 29th 2018  - Holme Stinted Pastures and Holme Park Fell 0745hrs 1015hrs

Within a few minutes of finding and absorbing the many beauties of that particular tree, I looked into the skies above me to witness the oncoming graceful streamlining of a "HERD OF WHITENESS" coming from the South East and heading to the North West (0925hrs), the perfect line and so straight! Sixteen in all Whooper Swans making their way back North and for them to start their own offspring. I wondered if I would see them maybe next year.

The winds today up on the Fell were a nightmare and blowing from the South East at about 12-15mph and with such a chill! the few Meadow Pipits that did manage to come by totalled 13 in number over about two hours and to watch the poor souls was pitiful whilst they angled themselves (side on) into that very wind has they tried to compensate to a routing to the North, rather than their favourite and regular North West direction. Yesterday I was mobile up on the other side (Dalton Crags) and there the Mipit's had good winds and were steadily going through with up to 47 in number over about two hours. 

Today down in Holme Stinted Pastures it seemed reasonably sheltered from that cruel wind and I had at least five separate Song Thrushes all singing away at their best and you could feel their happiness in their varied songs.  Another prize this morning was hear the Chiffchaff singing away and only the second I have had so far this year, the other being over in Lancelot. I guess it won't be long now before we are getting some of our Willow Warblers back. Several Great Spotted Woodpeckers drumming away and the odd yaffle from the Green Woodpecker

Monday March 26th 2018 - Dalton Crags (deforested) records from Robert Ashworth

Robert informs me that he had a steady movement of Meadow Pipits after the clould lifted. Mostly small groups flying over the western slopes, but also noted a large movement at the top of Dalton (upper) in the early afternoon.  Some passing straight through but others stopping off briefly before continuing again. Also had some Pied Wagtail associating with the Meadow Pipit movements. He also still had a Woodcock present on Lancelot. 

Ancient Gorse woodlands showing decaying gorse with hawthorns on the perimeters

Monday March 26th 2018 0900hrs - 1130hrs

It was a question of breaking off from Mipit counting! and concentrating on taking photos of the new Mezereone find (found yesterday afternoon) and looking all around the local area to see if there were any more to be found, but so far nothing more.  Its probably as well I did break with the Mipits because I never saw or heard one single bird throughout the couple of hours I was searching! and the area was directly beneath the Mipits main corridor.  Well getting back to the new find, its a great plant with a strong full build and must have hundreds of flowers on it, I counted at least 50 plumes. It is sheltered from the North with ancient gorse, in fact all around the area where the plant grows are mossed over remnants of old decaying gorse branches on the floor together with spent flattened "bracken" and always lots of nearby hawthorns. Typical I suppose of the other Mezereone habitats we have around this neck of the woods. 

A Curlew was calling whilst moving overhead, and one of the two Song Thrushes this morning was actually doing the "trimphone" impression which I have not heard now for a number of years, and how good it was! no half measures with these lads, when they do a impersonation they do it right!

Here is a couple of photos from this morning.  

Daphne Mezereone taken this morning

Sunday March 25th 2018 - Dalton Crags 1000hrs

Went mainly to check how many Mipits were going through on migration, although I soon began to wonder where are they? because it was certainly thin on the ground with only 3 birds in total over the hour, a single and a pair. The pair behaved in a fashion which reminded me of perhaps "playing kiss chase" with one chasing the other in a serious of ducking and diving yet still managing to maintain their onward migratory routing all the time whilst this behaviour took place. Song Thrushes were giving it plenty as always with such beautiful song, and one of them today was including part renditions of the Tree Pipit.  It seemed the Tree Pipit was very much in favour this morning with the local Skylark (Sky) which also replicated the low diminishing notes of the Tree Pipit. Not a lot going on but what a beautiful sunny warm morning (8c). 

Saturday March 24th 2018 - Holme Stinted Pastures and full circular of Holme Park Fell 0830hrs to 1300hrs

"Shark Stone" (Great White)

A much improved day in comparison to late.  The winds had dropped to 2mph. Two separate Great Spotted Woodpeckers drumming in Holme Stinted along with occasional "yaffling" from its larger cousin the Green Woodpecker.Two separate Song Thrushes giving off superb song with one of the birds actually mimicking The Curlew, The Pied Wagtail and The Oystercatcher. Had a Yellowhammer giving of a shortened version of the "no cheese" part of its song from just at the start of the Fell near to the Gorse bushes, in fact the same place I had one calling the other day. Whilst climbing the Fell I had a single female Stonechat, could not find the male but sure it must have been from the same pair I had last week it was almost the same area. At long last the Meadow Pipits had starting to come through although very slow just now and again trickles. I had the following counts all coming in from the South and leaving to the North. A grand total of seventeen birds over 3 hours (1,2,1,1,3,1,1,3,1,3) but at least its a start!  Also we are at full capacity for Skylarks on Holme Park Fell, I must have counted at least 20 different birds throughout which all appeared to be in song, display and very much territorial.

Thursday March 22nd 2018 - Dalton Crags, Lancelot Clark Storth and Burton Fell 0930hrs
Still very cold on the top with winds from the South West and it was keeping Skylarks subdued and again no Meadow Pipits on passage. Green Woodpeckers yaffling, a couple of Song Thrush, 3 Stonechats in Dalton Crags, Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming away in Burton Fell, but the highlight for me had to be a Chiffchaff giving it plenty with the "hou-whit" call.  On way back I noticed on the muck piles in Mike Taylors fields that there were a few Meadow Pipits, but I got two separate birds side by side and one was the olive, browny which you expect and the other was in total contrast a "light grey" (as different as chalk and cheese!). Also nice to hear a Goldcrest singing away on Vicarage Lane, Burton. 
Early Purple Orchid rosettes now coming into view, also the primrose are just starting to come through. Check out the strange Primrose leaf rosette! also a nice lichen photo today. 

Early Purple Orchid rosettes (click over to enlarge)

Primrose rosette - a bit different to the norm! - top of Lancelot

A lovely lichen found today in Lancelot

Wed March 21st 2018 - Dalton Crags to Trig and return 1000hrs
Green Woodpeckers yaffling from four separate areas within Dalton Crags (presumed territorial with much distance between each calling bird. Skylarks in fine fettle and singing their little hearts out, all usual Skylark areas fully occupied. Cold wind from the West and still no Mipit passage, just a single bird making it whilst I was there. A calling Curlew was making its way from the NW to SE, you get many calling Curlews following this direct line at this time of the year, they always seem to be pairs or singles but never groups (could be nearby breeders I suppose). Nice to see our resident wintering pair of Stonechats all OK.  I think the additional birds I saw last week must have moved on by now. 

Tues March 20th 2018 (vernal equinox)- Holme Stinted Pastures and Holme Park Fell 1000hrs
3 Skylarks moving through on Holme Park Fell, plus one single Meadow Pipit and that was it!

March 19th 2018 - Holme Stinted Pastures and Holme Park Fell 0900hrs - 1000hrs " PROBABLE SWALLOW"

Today although the sun was beating down and what a pleasure that was! but once you left the fabulous cover of the Pastures and started ascending Holme Park Fell the wind hit you and at times you just could not even walk without it blowing you back, I guess it could well have been 25mph with gust to 40s and another cold one from the East.  Went up specifically to look for Wheatear (on the fell) and Chiffchaffs (in the pastures), but no joy and quickly turned back and descended into the welcome sheltered Holme Park Pastures.  I did by the way see a small party of Mipits down on the edge of the Fell and not sure whether these were just moving locally or taking the lea routing or most sheltered course of passage they could find.
Soon whilst crossing the Holme Stinted Pastures, I noticed a bird which watching the ziz- zag flight pattern is one I had not seen for such a long while now and it was without any doubt a hirundine, which I straight away presumed to recognize it has a Swallow but can I say for sure, not 100% only 90% so again for now its another MAYBE, but you know it would not surprise me at all, I have had them over on the other side at the Trig Point on Hutton Roof as early as the 23rd March!

March 14th 2018 - Holme Stinted Pastures and Holme Park Fell 1100hrs  "STONECHATS"

First time I have noticed Stonechats on the Farleton side with a pair showing on Holme Park Fell this morning.  I am wondering just how many Stonechats there maybe in the area at the moment.  Also a fabulous party of at least 30 Meadow Pipits heading North West, I watched as far as I could and they seemed to continue for as far as the eye could see, so presumed on full migration. But that was it I never had any before or any after in over two hours.  

March 13th 2018 - Dalton Crags 1500hrs  "STONECHATS"

It's obvious we must have had a small recent "fall" of Stonechats because our local pair in upper Dalton Crags had swelled to two pairs plus a possible single bird making a probable 5 in total.

Bullfrog Pond - Click over to enlarge

March 9th 2018 - Holme Stinted Pastures and Holme Park Fell 0900hrs

Now then! the wind had dropped and it was far more pleasant, in fact I would not be too surprised if we don't get a good Mipit rush in the next day or two! On entering Holme Stinted Pastures I went straight down to what I call the "Bullrush" pond or after today should I call it the "Bullfrog" pond, and on my approach I could hear frogs, not just a few but maybe hundreds all calling at the same time with their "blowing bubbles" call and that's what they were doing "blowing bubbles" with the water bubbling and frogs and frog spawn everywhere.  I must have seen a "one ball of frogs with about 20 in it, all trying to climb on one another's backs - it looked like chaos to me, I tried to take a photo but they just have not turned out so you will have to take my word for it! They are not daft them frogs, they all shut up and stopped their lively business on noticing me peering over the fence, but I surprised them again on my return visit and got to see a repeat performance, well for at least a couple of minutes before they caught sight of me when everything again stopped - just like when you turn a light switch off. What a lovely sight this had been. 

The pastures had plenty of singing birds this morning, two fantastic Song Thrushes taking charge with one at one side of the pastures and the other at the far side of the pastures, none of them needing to compete, lots and lots of Dunnocks and Robins, a few Chaffinch and the mournful Bullfinch, together with Blue Tits and Great Tits.

I looked high and going overhead in silence was a trio of "Godwits" heading straight west towards Carnforth. 

I walked up onto Holme Park Fell and had several Skylarks - some in song, some just flitting about on the ground.  Also had a few Meadow Pipits taking refuge on the ground.  But still no Mipits moving through on migration, although I am sure this is about to change any day now! 

My main objectives today had been to follow the route where on my last visit I was counting the beautiful "Autumn Gentians" whilst at the same time checking odd Wheatear who were resting up before their long journey back to Africa. So I thought I will check the area out knowing it to be good for Wheatear, but none showing yet!  but I did have a "silent" Curlew fly past me and land in the pastures lower down on the fell.

I saw this "orange" thing staring out from a distant silver limestone boulder, on closer inspection it was a beautiful lichen which I have managed to get a photo. It reminds me of a beautiful crafted  "Doyley"

Spring has started!

Orange Lichen on limestone boulder
Click over to enlarge


March 8th 2018 - Dalton Crags up to Trig and then back down through Lancelot Clark Storth 1000hrs

Taken today from Lancelot - Farleton and the Fells and where the snow can stay!

March 8th 2018 - Dalton Crags up to Trig and then back down through Lancelot Clark Storth 1000hrs

There was some sunshine getting through here and there which made it quite pleasant, but still that "cold" southerly biting! and again as a result no Mipits on the move. Subdued Skylarks song, had a Mistle Thrush singing on territory half way up Dalton Crags.  It was quiet and I mean QUIET with little to mention just a sprinking of patchy sound from the odd Dunnock or Robin. Kept looking to the sky in hopes Fieldfare parties might just be going through - no! hoping the "Herds of Whiteness" might be going through - no! or what about some "Pink Feet" no! but did manage a Buzzard or two (locals) and lots of Black Headed Gulls.  Took the odd snap of the limestone of which I must already have thousands in my collection, but just can't help it!

A few more photos for today:

Top of Lancelot 

Lancelot Clark Storth

Ramsons or Wild Garlic (allium ursinum)

March 7th 2018  - Dalton Crags up to Trig on Hutton Roof Common 1000hrs

First rosette of the year for the EPO
Click over to enlarge

Warming up but still very cold on the tops (wrap up well but burning cheeks cold) and as such no migration was witnessed with the Mipits. Skylarks were present with very subdued calling.  One "beautiful" singing Song Thrush singing away in the Crags with a different repertoire altogether than usually heard and the result was just plain "phenomenally magnificence!" gosh! one day I must get around to recording this music it so sets the day in a positive mood and lets other good stuff come in!
Buzzards mewing and local, Kestrel hovering always in the same old place, "NO SHRIKEY NO LIKEY"

Parsley Piert starting to get going on the anthills - Unusual to have no "Yafflers" going for it, but did have a Great Spotted Woodpecker doing a bit of drumming in the background.

My first Early Purple Orchid rosette found this morning (see photo above).

March 6th 2018

(1600hrs) Song Thrushes in full song at both Dalton hamlet in trees opposite Bell Cottage and also another one singing away down Dickin Lane. Noticing over the past week lots more grouped Starlings local and foraging closer to home. (1710hrs) at least 500 plus Starlings coming in froma North direction and heading over Burton towards the LM side in readiness to roost from a North direction

March 5th 2018

(1600hrs) Green Woodpecker and Bullfinch calling in Lower Dalton Crags. Also one of the sweetest single "Hou Whit" calls you could ever hear, though only called the once.  I did try and call back to the bird which met with no response! Can only assume it was either a Chaffinch or Great Tit. A Song Thrush in song towards the East side of Dalton Crags.

(1030hrs) Both rookeries close to the Holme Church are showing lots of activity.

(0900hrs) At least 20 Lapwings in a partly manured field just below Burton Church and before the bend before the Clawthorpe turn off.

200 Fieldfare crossed over Burton heading North obviously on a movement.  Also reported some Fieldfare at Hilderstone and 15 Lapwing also at Hilderstone.  Regular daily visits to garden (Morewood Drive) by the Yellowhammers (Records per Reg)

Large Skein of Pink Footed Goose over Elterwater and heading out North East. (per Celia)

(0230hrs to 0530hrs) Migration Information Snippet!

at 0230hrs this morning "Maisie" the Bewick Swan left WWF - Slimbridge. She departed the North Norfolk coast at 0530hrs and is now approaching Germany.

"Maisie" the Bewick heading to Germany this morning.
Click over to enlarge

March 4th 2018

20 Fieldfare seen in field opposite Mike Taylors Farm in Dalton Hamlet. Also 8 Lapwing in the Dalton area (records per Alec)

March 2nd 2018

(0840hrs)  I had a party of 8 Lapwings in the very small field next to the bridge and opposite the old Station Pub (now rebuilt) which lies below the Canal.

(1200hrs) A similar amount of Lapwings seen coming from the same area and moving over Curwen Wood.

(1300hrs) Confirmed that 8 plus Lapwings have alighted and are feeding in the top part of Curwen Park Wood
I have had several reports from around Burton In Kendal during the past few days of birds either held up or on the move because of adverse weathers.

March 1st 2018

Reg and May on Morewood Drive had a visit of both a single Fieldfare and a Yellowhammer at the same time.  They have been getting up to six Yellowhammers on a regular basis.

Also a record has been given of a party of "Tewits" (Lapwings) have been seen on the freshly manured fields just behind the Dalton Business Centre.

Another report today of at least 100 Fieldfare present in Curwen Wood Park

February 28th 2018

Gil and Graham on the corner of Vicarage Close have been visited yet again by the Blackcap (around the 20th) which could possibly have overwintered.  They have also had a gang of Fieldfare enjoying stripping the berries on the Holly Tree (28th Feb)

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

More of Ron Blackburn's Superb Local photos (Please note all photos copyright)

 Brown Hare by Ron Blackburn (copyright Ron Blackburn)
Thanks to Ron for kindly sharing with us

  Fox Cub by Ron Blackburn (copyright Ron Blackburn)
Thanks to Ron for kindly sharing with us

  Fox by Ron Blackburn (copyright Ron Blackburn)
Thanks to Ron for kindly sharing with us

  Meadow Brown Butterfly by Ron Blackburn (copyright Ron Blackburn)
Thanks to Ron for kindly sharing with us

  Red Squirrel by Ron Blackburn (copyright Ron Blackburn)
Thanks to Ron for kindly sharing with us

 Red Squirrel by Ron Blackburn (copyright Ron Blackburn)
Thanks to Ron for kindly sharing with us

 Roe Deer Ron Blackburn (copyright Ron Blackburn)
Thanks to Ron for kindly sharing with us

 Roe Deer Ron Blackburn (copyright Ron Blackburn)
Thanks to Ron for kindly sharing with us

 Roe Deer - Ron Blackburn (copyright Ron Blackburn)
Thanks to Ron for kindly sharing with us

Thanks to Ron for kindly sharing with us

 Black Tailed Godwit (Copyright Ron Blackburn)
Thanks to Ron for kindly sharing with us

 Brown Hare (Copyright Ron Blackburn)
Thanks to Ron for kindly sharing with us

 Female Teal in flight (copyright Ron Blackburn)
Thanks Ron for sharing with us

Male Teal in Flight (Copyright Ron Blackburn)
Thanks to Ron for kindly sharing with us

 Male Wigeon in flight (copyright Ron Blackburn)
Thanks to Ron for kindly sharing with us

Male Wigeon in flight (copyright Ron Blackburn)
Thanks to Ron for kindly sharing with us

There will be lots more of Ron's photos over the coming days, so please come back soon.